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To my GIRLS: What can you do to reduce PMS?

1. #recovery workouts instead 😊👆 f.e. light cardio exercises 45min walks outside, cycling/swimming or if you prefer some great company lifting up your mood quickly --> I can highly recommend to attend a Barre Asana class @boostertransform (as I did today) the focus is set on deep breathing which will help you to already release some of your pain, increase muscle & mind connection and help you with its slow movements, stretches & nice music to completely relaxđŸ’†â€â™€ïžđŸ’Ș💓

2. Increase intake of kalium rich foods like f.e. banana, tomatoes, potatoes during the day or also right after training -> helps reducing water retentionđŸ…đŸŒđŸ„”

3. Rehydrate your #body with water throughout the day and add some isotonic sports drinks during sports activity

4. Sleep enough, be relaxed and positive minded 😇

5. Take a warm bath and treat yourself like a queen 👑

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